Future DirectionsΒΆ

basic v3.0 roadmap:

  • python3 using async i/o
  • windows support, requires ansi.sys support emulation for PDCurses in blessed
  • ftp, ftps, fxp support
  • modeling (using ‘schematics’ project) for userbase, messagebase, etc.
  • support for agoranet, zeronet, etc. messaging networks
  • a classic “waiting for callers” screen and /dev/tty-line support. this was supported in previous versions, but dropped due to blessed’s requirements of requiring a unique process for each terminal.
  • start as daemon (-d)
  • Convert messaging to data modeling format (schematics?) and rfc-compliant mail messaging.
  • cron-like scheduling of scripts (fe., msgpoll.py)

Feel free to contribute ideas as a github issue.